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Cresswell offers an extensive handyman service to help you with all your needs whether you need help with your residence or your commercial business. We provide sustainable cleaning, building maintenance and additional services.
  1. Call and book one of our handyman services to help you with any problem in your building from carpentry and lock replacements to filling in cracks and draught proofing your premises.
  1. The technician will come fully equipped with all the necessary gear to carry out the job you require, fixing or renovating your property thoroughly and carefully to produce high quality results that benefit you and your business.
  1. Our handymen are equipped to handle any problem that arises, responding efficiently if you need an emergency service such as fixing leaks or replacing light fittings. They are here to help you in any way you require.

Additional charges may occur these include:

  • Parking and Congestion Charge
  • Materials, fixtures and fittings Cost +25%
  • Shopping time charged as per the time booked
  • Minimum charge is Call out
  • Cancellation Cost will be applied if 72 hours notice is not given at £50+ VAT
  • If we are unable to carry out the work due to no fault of or own then the minimum charge will be applied.


What our clients have to say

Why choose Cresswell Handyman Services?

Cresswells has been offering contract commercial cleaning services for nearly 30 years. In that time, we have built up a wealth of experience in a huge variety of settings across many business sectors.

As a result, we have expertise not just in cleaning standard office and commercial buildings but also in servicing premises requiring more specialist knowledge, such as medical and educational facilities.

Our expertise means we have practice in identifying and solving problems thoroughly and efficiently to relieve any stress on your part and ensure you’re always getting a bespoke cleaning treatment.

Our handyman services allow us to complement and fine-tune our broader cleaning work, giving you a more specific service that enables us to help your business to become the best version of itself and raise you above others in your industry.

What can your local Handyman do for you?

Our handymen have knowledge and experience in dealing with a broad range of services that can help to give your business that extra bit of shine. We can help you fix any issues you encounter, give your premises an update or renovation and make the company a safer and more secure place for you and your employees.

    Our handyman services include:
  • Carpentry
  • Painting, Decoration and Wallpapering
  • Electrical
  • Fencing
  • Gardening, Lawn Mowing and Building Garden Furniture
  • Replacing Door Handles
  • etc.

Whatever service or services you need, our handymen will always respond efficiently, sorting your problem out to give you peace of mind and minimise disruptions to your business. We will come at times that are convenient for you and give every and any emergency our full attention to ensure your business can thrive and your employees can work in a positive and productive environment.

Frequently asked questions

Our handyman service rates are completely dependent on your contract. It will be based on the job you need doing and the hours in which we come in to carry out the service. Our contracts always put you first, ensuring that you are receiving a cost-efficient service that puts your mind at ease and is most convenient for your working hours.

We provide our handyman services in and around the London area. This helps our business to be efficient in arriving at your location in case of an emergency, allowing us to be highly responsive and providing you with a handyman service you can rely on.

If the scheduled time becomes inconvenient for you and you need to focus on your work, you are always welcome to contact us to reschedule. Our services always put you first and we are happy to be able to accommodate your needs to find a more suitable time.

We provide a range of handyman services that can help to give your site the thorough and effective treatment it deserves. Our services include plumbers and electricians, as well as landscaping, fencing and painting and decorating jobs.

All of our workers and professional cleaners are fully insured and take full public liability in the event that your site is damaged in any way. We will always take responsibility for our work and strive to make sure our work is carried out flawlessly to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

All of our workers will come with the equipment they need to carry out the job effectively, whether that be plumbing, plastering or electrical work. You don’t need to worry about supplying anything. We are dedicated to making your life as easy as possible to both reduce stress and provide you with a thorough and complete service.

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