Builder’s Clean

Construction sites by nature can often get dirty quickly which is why having responsible and professional builders cleaning services are an important part of keeping construction sites safe to that the work can continue without impediment.

What is Builder’s Cleans?

At its core, builder’s cleans are a specialised cleaning service designed to restore a construction or renovation site to an immaculate condition, ready for occupancy by the tenants. It is mainly used for removing dust and debris from the property, making the building more presentable and adding the finishing touches to the building work carried out by the construction crew. 

A builder’s clean is useful after construction or serious renovation work such as extensions. Your building crew will do the necessary renovation work and then we’ll come in after to make sure your building is looking its best.

What is Builder’s Cleans?

What Does a Builder’s Clean Include?

A comprehensive builder’s clean encompasses a range of elements that collectively ensures the space is transformed from a construction site to a welcoming environment that your employees can work safely in.

This includes:

  • Cleaning up dust, paint splatters, adhesive residues and packing materials.
  • Cleaning fixtures, surfaces and appliances.
  • Cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery. 
  • Cleaning windows to remove dust and streaks to let in more natural light. 

In essence, our builder’s cleaning entails a top-to-bottom restoration of the space’s cleanliness, hygiene, and visual appeal.

What is Builder’s Cleans?

Benefits of Builder's Cleaning

Our builder’s cleaning services come with a range of benefits that help your building to be restored to the best state possible and ensure your employees remain protected at all times. 

These benefits include:

  • Health and Safety: We will eliminate potential safety hazards to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure your workers and employees are protected from allergies and health issues caused by an excess of dust.
  • Cleaning Efficiency: We will carry out our builder’s cleaning work efficiently to ensure your building is ready to be occupied, allowing people to maintain trust in the reliability of your services.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: A clean and well-presented space enhances the aesthetic of your building, leaving a lasting positive impression on occupants and visitors and enhancing the success of your business.
  • Longevity of Your Building: A thorough cleaning ensures that the benefits of the construction work last for longer, with our professional cleaners keeping every surface and feature of your building well-maintained.
Benefits of Builder's Cleaning

Why Choose Cresswell Builder's Cleaning?

Our builder’s cleaning service is dedicated to making sure the professionalism of your business is maintained, making sure you are always looking your best to build confidence in your business and draw in more clients. 

We pride ourselves on our meticulous service that leaves no stone unturned, thoroughly cleaning every inch of the construction site both during and after the building work. The safety of you and the construction crew you hired is our number one priority and we aim for our cleaning service to reflect our commitment to quality and our attention to detail.

Why Choose Cresswell Builder's Cleaning?

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