Building, Construction and Property Maintenance

Our building maintenance services, construction services and property maintenance services are of the highest quality, comprised of a team that will always respond promptly to your needs and give your property the attention it deserves.

What is Building, Construction and Property Maintenance?

Here at Cresswells, we will help maintain all the properties you manage to ensure your building gets appropriate and comprehensive attention that helps elevate your reputation. 

We will provide regular upkeep and care of your properties to ensure they remain in optimum condition and maintain their value over a long period of time. 

Property maintenance includes carrying out repairs and inspections to ensure the building’s structural integrity is maintained and that your property is up to code. It also involves helping you to keep on top of any security issues.

What is Building, Construction and Property Maintenance?

Our Building, Construction and Property Maintenance Services

Some of our property maintenance services include controlling weeds and vegetation around your property. Eliminating weeds around your property is an effective way of managing pests and preventing them from spreading germs and bacteria. It will also help to make your gardens healthier and more appealing to potential customers, raising your reputation and sending you above and beyond the industry standard.

Our construction expertise encompasses a diverse range of services, including cutting-edge loft conversions and seamless extensions. Picture a loft transformed into a modern home office or a spacious new living area seamlessly integrated with your existing structure. Our commitment to precision and quality craftsmanship ensures your vision comes to life.

Re-establishing car park markings is also a huge part of property maintenance, allowing drivers to clearly see parking spaces. This will help car parks to look more organised,  professional and maintained, as well as reducing the risk of cars parking too close together and potentially getting damaged. Restoring car park markings is also useful in helping visitors to navigate the parking lot if it’s multi-storey and assists in them finding their car, especially with colour codes.

What is Building, Construction and Property Maintenance?

Why Choose Cresswells’ Property Maintenance and Construction Services

We have 28 years of experience in the cleaning, construction and property maintenance industry, making our professional cleaners, builders and handymen adept at handling any issues that may arise in one of your properties. Our low staff turnover rate means your team of cleaners will be able to learn the ins and outs of your property, making them the best suited for finding and implementing a solution efficiently. 

With both reactive and scheduled services, we will be able to respond to any issue quickly, always making sure you get the service you need in case of an emergency. 

Our contracts are tailored around the needs and requirements of our clients. Whatever you need for your property, we will supply it, whether it be a regular, general cleaning or a more specific task. 

By putting you first, we can assure you that your property is always one of our top priorities, relieving any stress and making it easy for you to manage your properties without worrying about maintaining the cleanliness or maintenance of your building.

Why Choose Cresswells’ Property Maintenance and Construction Services

Where Can You Find Our Property Maintenance Cleaning Services?

Cresswells offers property maintenance and cleaning services to businesses and industries in the London area.

This allows our professional cleaners to be onsite at your property quickly in case of emergencies. We will carry out work efficiently and reliably to ensure your properties are maintained in the highest quality condition. 


Where Can You Find Our Property Maintenance Cleaning Services?

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