Glass Restoring

Our Glass Restore System offers an unrivalled approach to repairing and treating scratched or damaged glass with efficiency that gets you the results you want.

Our Glass Restoration Services

Our Glass Restore System offers an unrivalled approach to repairing and treating scratched or damaged glass. Our glass restoration service works on all types of glass from tinted glass to tempered glass and float glass, ensuring that whatever type you have, we can treat it with the care it deserves.

The glass restoration procedures will leave the glass looking as good as new with no distortion or haze. The clarity of the glass will allow more natural light into your workplace or home, contributing to a positive atmosphere and healthier indoor air. We will also repair or replace panes damaged by broken window frames that have rotted or shrunk.

Our Glass Restoration Services

What's Included

Some of the glass restoration services we offer include the removal of scratches from glass. Glass that has been etched with graffiti or acid will also be easily repaired and we will replace any panes that are too damaged. Weather and temperature changes can also damage glass and we will monitor your windows carefully to assess the damage and carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

We can also assist in stained glass window restoration. We will remove and replace damaged areas to maintain the quality of the stained glass and restore colours and images to their former vibrancy. We will also help to protect against oxidisation so that the colours don’t fade, leaving your stained glass windows as vibrant and appealing as before.

Our Glass Restoration Services

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