About Cresswell Services

Cresswell stands out for its superior quality of service, providing sustainable cleaning, building maintenance and additional services

Our Company

Cresswell was launched in 1995 and fosters a professional, customer-focused approach to cleaning services that puts you and your employees first, tailoring the company’s services to your specific needs so that your business is always getting the care it deserves.

We are committed to quality and the environment and are certified to both ISO:9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Fast Service

Being based only minutes from central London means that we can travel quickly with our fleet of company-branded vehicles to any location and be on-site to cater for any clients’ urgent cleaning or maintenance requirements, allowing us to be responsive and efficient. Whatever your issue, we are well-equipped to handle it and can adapt to any situation that arises.

Our Expertise

We value our employees and have a large number of cleaning staff who have received high quality training and are expertly equipped to handle and solve any problem that might arise in your workplace. Our highly experienced teams will always strive to treat your business with as much care as possible and our cleaners are encouraged to work in partnership with you to create a clean environment for your staff and customers.

Putting Customers First

Our customer-forward approach means we prioritise client loyalty and retention with an emphasis on long-term relationships that allow us to build respect and trust at the same time as giving you a consistent and thorough cleaning service that never wavers in quality.


What our clients have to say

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