Commercial Cleaning in the Hospitality Industry: Challenges and Best Practices

The hospitality industry thrives on guest experiences to boost its reputation and attract more customers.

The hospitality industry thrives on guest experiences to boost its reputation and attract more customers. Hiring a commercial cleaning service to keep your hotel, restaurant or pub free of germs and dirt is just one part of ensuring your business runs smoothly and your guests are satisfied.

There are a number of challenges associated with making sure the hospitality industry stays clean and inviting. We’ll take you through some of the challenges below, along with some tips and advice on how commercial cleaning practices can eliminate those problems and elevate your hotel or restaurant brand.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning in the Hospitality Industry

Eco-friendly values are a big selling point in business these days, including the hospitality industry. Declaring and proving your dedication to sustainability will help to ensure guests perceive you as a reliable and trustworthy business, boosting your profits and improving your brand’s image.

However, the drive for sustainability can hit a few challenges along the way, the least of which is greenwashing. Greenwashing essentially means businesses are stating they are eco-friendly without the evidence to back it up, a practice that can damage trust and harm a business in the long run.

Hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry rely heavily on the experience and satisfaction of their guests, so it is important to make sure you can back up your eco-friendly claims.

Environmental Cleaning Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in commercial cleaning is the usage of chemicals in cleaning products. Cleaning chemicals can pollute the air, raising a business’ carbon footprint. Chemical waste can also damage the environment when not disposed of carefully.

A number of cleaning tools and equipment also use up more water and energy than necessary, wasting natural resources. With the size of hotels and restaurants and the complexities and specialist services needed to clean kitchens, guest rooms and gym facilities efficiently, extended use of cleaning tools is required, which can often lead to a higher wastage of natural resources.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

As professional commercial cleaners, we understand the importance of using green cleaning solutions in order to help your hospitality business become a better version of itself.

Eco-friendly cleaning will help your hotel maintain a rigorous standard across all its facilities, ensuring guests are protected in all areas with as little harm to the environment as possible. We have our own range of eco-friendly cleaning products that allow us to carry out all of our cleaning practices with as few harmful chemicals as possible.

With the accumulated waste from guest rooms, dinners, buffets and the use of facilities such as spas, gyms and swimming pools, using fewer chemicals will make disposing of that waste safer, with our cleaners fully trained in organising waste into sections to ensure there is no cross-contamination or hazardous leaks that can harm the environment.

Other eco-friendly cleaning solutions include:

  • Using cleaning equipment that uses less energy and water, e.g. steam cleaners
  • Natural indoor air freshening
  • Recyclable packaging for supplies and cleaning products
  • Eliminating the use of single-use plastics

Guest Allergies and Illnesses

As guests are often the most important part of any hospitality business, they can subsequently present a significant challenge that requires cleaning practices to be adapted and refined.

Finding solutions to these challenges is the best way to ensure they are happy with their experience, boosting their chances of returning to use your service again and maybe even recommending you to other people.

Guest Challenges in Hospitality

When guests arrive at your hotel or restaurant, they bring their own needs and problems with them that are your responsibility to solve to enhance their enjoyment of your facilities. A large number of guests, for example, will have some form of allergy that our cleaning practices will need to adapt to and target in order to keep them safe.

These allergies may include:

  • Food allergies – types of food allergies include dairy, gluten, crustaceans, fish and peanuts.
  • Dust allergies – dust mite allergies have symptoms similar to hay fever, including a runny nose and difficulty breathing.
  • Chemical allergies – chemicals found in cleaning products and artificial air fresheners can trigger chemical allergies.
  • Pet allergies – guests may be exposed to pet hairs on other guests’ clothes. They may also have allergies triggered by pests in the vicinity.
  • Mould allergies – mould allergies can be linked to asthma and cause coughing and itchy eyes.
  • Pollen allergies – pollen can be brought in from outdoors by other guests, triggering allergies.

There is also a risk of guests falling ill from bacteria left behind by other guests, whether that be in their rooms, reception areas or restaurant eating areas. With so many people from different walks of life spending time in one building, it may be easier for viruses to spread.

Solutions to Allergies and Illnesses in Hospitality

Fortunately, putting protective and preventive measures in place during cleaning practices makes it easier than ever to avoid illnesses and allergic reactions from occurring, so long as the practices are upheld and consistently maintained.

We have already covered above how eco-friendly cleaning reduces the use of harmful chemicals, which will also benefit the overall health and safety of the guests, allowing them to breathe fresher air and eliminating respiratory difficulties and health conditions such as asthma.

Fresher indoor air will also help to combat mould. Installing dehumidifiers and keeping air ventilation systems clean will keep dampness from gathering, improve guest health and boost the aesthetic appearance of your business. Indoor plants are a good way to reduce air pollution without using chemical alternatives.

Deep cleaning will help to remove dust and bacteria in hard-to-reach and forgotten corners of guest rooms to ensure they are sleeping in safe conditions. The thorough service will also ensure other contaminants like pet hair and pollen traces from past visits are eliminated.

Strict kitchen and restaurant cleaning services will help to protect against food allergies, preventing contamination with potentially harmful foods. Our professional cleaners will organise strict kitchen cleaning policies to ensure food preparation is always safe, with staff being trained on the dangers of all types of allergies and how to help in case of an emergency.

Food Health and Safety in Hospitality

This leads directly into ensuring the overall health and safety needs of food preparation in the hospitality industry. The dining experience is central to hotels, pubs and restaurants and ensuring guests are safe and well-cared for during meals is paramount, whether they have allergies that need attending to or not.

Keeping the kitchens clean and the front of house areas neat and tidy will both improve food hygiene and present a positive image to guests, helping to boost sales and leave guests feeling satisfied with both their meals and the service.

Challenges in Food Preparation

Some of the biggest challenges in food preparation are centred around cross-contamination. This can be with foods that trigger allergies and foods that are dangerous in their uncooked state, such as raw meats and fish.

Food poisoning is a constant risk in restaurants due to the chaotic and busy nature of the kitchen and it’s important to make sure all cooking appliances are properly maintained and in working order so that you can be sure food preparation goes off without a hitch.

Poor waste management in kitchens can lead to pest infestations. Plenty of food and water in a kitchen or restaurant space creates ideal conditions for pests to move in, along with shelter in dark corners. You can identify signs of a pest infestation by spotting:

  • Droppings
  • Chewed wiring
  • Damage to equipment
  • Foul odours
  • Nests or signs of nesting

Solutions for Improving Food Health and Safety

Commercial cleaners will have a number of specialist practices they can put in place to help maintain the healthiness of your kitchen and restaurant in order to ensure the quality of your food never drops.

Our pest control service will be able to identify the signs of an infestation and, after eliminating the problem, apply measures to prevent pests from entering the office again. This can include fixing leaky pipes, organising and storing food properly, removing and disposing of waste promptly and fixing any cracks through which pests can enter the kitchen.

We will also help to get your kitchen more organised, sorting the food groups into separate categories and storing them correctly to avoid cross-contamination, making it far less likely for a guest to contract food poisoning or have an allergy triggered. You can organise your fridge and freezers safely by:

  • Covering raw ingredients
  • Putting raw meat and fish on the bottom shelf to avoid leakage onto other food
  • Regulate the temperature of your fridge and freezer to ensure bacteria doesn’t spread

Our cleaners will carry out regular maintenance on your fridge, freezer and other appliances to make sure everything’s working optimally, carrying out repairs where necessary to uphold the quality and reputation of your restaurant.

Maintaining Your Hotel’s Reputation with Commercial Cleaning

Having a positive reputation is the key to your success in the hospitality industry. Just as the quality of your hotel services needs to be high, so too does the quality of our cleaning services.

We aim to always help you meet your business goals by giving you the highest quality cleaning possible. We will stay in constant communication with you to understand how to focus our cleaning practices most effectively to boost guest satisfaction.

Challenges in Maintaining Hospitality Cleanliness

There are a few big challenges to overcome when it comes to deciding how best to clean a hotel to help give your business an edge over the competition and keep guests happy. An unclean hotel can damage your brand’s reputation and cost you money.

Guest expectations are also higher than ever due to post-Covid cleanliness standards and it may feel like your hotel or restaurant is under a microscope when customers visit. This can add unwanted stress that can affect the work of your staff.

The cost of repairs and the fast turnover requirements of guest rooms to get them ready for new customers can also add strain on your working life. In short, it can seem like there’s too much work to do and not enough staff to complete all the tasks to the highest standard. Hotels are large areas and have a lot of moving parts to consider, making it a mammoth task to provide a consistent and thorough cleaning across the board.

Solutions to Maintaining Hotel and Restaurant Cleanliness

New cleaning technologies in the commercial cleaning industry make it easier than ever to carry out cleaning tasks, with our cleaners well-trained and skilled in operating these technologies to clean your hotel. These innovations can include:

  • Robot cleaners
  • Organised management systems
  • Water saving technologies
  • Energy saving technologies
  • Antimicrobial surface coatings

Along with the necessary staff training in implementing new cleaning technology, there will also be a lower staff turnover rate. Our cleaners will be able to get familiar with the layout of your hotel or restaurant and build a deeper understanding of the building’s quirks. This will help them pinpoint where to target their cleaning quicker and will also help them respond more swiftly in the event of an emergency.

In a chaotic work environment such as yours, speed is the name of the game. Our tailored contracts will give you the opportunity to let us know which areas of your business need the most cleaning focus, allowing us to implement our cleaning practices better and boost your hotel’s image overall.

Commercial cleaning in the hospitality industry can often seem daunting, but with the right practices put in place, your hotel will be able to flourish and provide a satisfying and smooth guest experience that will leave all your customers feeling happy and well-tended during their stay.

You can find out more about our hospitality cleaning services by heading over to our hospitality, hotel and pub cleaning page or checking out more information on our pest control services and waste and recycling management. If you have any questions about how our services can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

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