DIY vs. Professional Handyman Services: When to Call in the Experts

Home remodelling and repair work can be done yourself with DIY handyman services, especially with smaller jobs.

Home remodelling and repair work can be done yourself with DIY handyman services, especially with smaller jobs. With bigger and more complex jobs however, specialist expertise and treatment is required which is where professional handymen come in. 

To help you understand which jobs may require a more professional touch, we’ve put together a guide below to help you get a better idea of when to call in the experts and how professional handymen can benefit your home. 

DIY Home Handyman Services

DIY has a lot of positives when it comes to fixing up your home and improving its overall appearance and by its nature, is more easily accessible and convenient than calling in a professional handyman.

DIY jobs are most suitable for small and easy home repairs, allowing you to get your home back up and running again. Some easy handyman tasks you can undertake yourself include:

  • Unclogging toilets
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Fixing leaky faucets
  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Painting rooms
  • Grouting tiles
  • Installing shelves

You don’t have to be a dedicated DIY expert to carry out these fixes. These basic home needs are part of your commitment to keeping your home a relaxing and comfortable environment. 

Benefits of DIY Home Repairs

There are a range of benefits associated with DIY home repairs that can make it an attractive option over hiring professional handyman help for every little repair fix.

1. Saving Money on Professional Repairs

Home DIY repairs can help you to acquire quick fixes for your home that keep you living in safe conditions without the need to pay out money for home improvements and remodelling that you can easily do yourself. 

Saving money can help you to get the tools and equipment you need to carry out the repair work safely and become adept at looking after the state of your home. 

2. Developing Home Repair Skills and Experience

Getting started on a DIY project can also be a great way to learn a new skill and develop your problem solving skills, enabling you to adapt to challenges that may arise in the home and find the best way to navigate problems and help you to get more confidence in your DIY skills. 

The more projects you take on, the better you’ll be at carrying out the repairs, giving you some handy transferable skills that you can even use to help others out with their home repair problems. 

The best thing about the experience you’ll get is the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel at completing the task yourself and seeing the effect of your handiwork in the home. 

3. Sustainable DIY Repairs

Another great benefit to fixing up your home yourself is that you can learn to use second-hand goods and products and parts from old projects found around the home to reduce waste and make the most of the materials you already have.

This will help to create a more sustainable home and protect the environment from the impact of natural resources being used to create new products. 

What Can Professional Handymen Do That DIY Can’t?

The main difference between professional handyman services and DIY home repairs is that the professionals will have a higher level of expertise and will be able to use their experience to find the best solution for your home. 

Handymen will have experience and training in general home maintenance, adapting their skills to a variety of home environments and practising the correct safety measures while using hand tools and power tools, helping to guarantee your safety and minimising the risk of damage to your property. 

The handyman services provided by professionals are a lot more complex and involved than the regular DIY fixes. Some of these services will include:

  • Electrical work
  • Installing and fixing windows
  • Power washing
  • Carpentry and building garden furniture
  • Fixing felt roof tops

Even with the general handyman services that can be done through DIY, professional handymen will be able to bring a higher-quality level of craftsmanship that will fix up your home and improve the overall aesthetic of your private space.

Benefits of Professional Handyman Services

Professional handymen will take great care with looking after your home, ensuring that you can have peace of mind that your home is in good hands and can trust that the services will be carried out efficiently and effectively. 

1. A Full Range of Handyman Services

A professional handyman service will give you access to a wide range of services, allowing the company you hire to be your one-stop shop when it comes to finding the handyman services you need. 

Whether you need exterior gardening and landscaping services to create a healthier and more vibrant outdoors environment or need fixes and repairs for damage to your doors, windows or guttering, professional handymen will be able to provide you with the best help for your situation. 

2. Saving You Money on Handyman Services

For small DIY home repairs, purchasing the correct tools for the job can be inexpensive but for more complex tasks and severe home damage caused by leaks and power outages, hiring a professional handyman will ensure you can save money on repairs that may be more expensive if you attempt to take them on yourself. 

It will also help you to save time. Our professional handymen will respond swiftly when you call us and will get the job done as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality, allowing you to get back to enjoying the comforts of your home in no time. 

3. Handyman Health and Safety

Professional handymen will have the experience needed to practise the proper health and safety procedures and regulations. This will include the safe use of power tools and equipment such as ladders and access platforms that may be used to reach the higher levels of your home. 

We will make sure we keep your home safe during our handyman work, preventing accidents and ensuring your health is always put first. This will include protecting you from allergies and illnesses that may be caused by disturbed dust or chemicals in paint. 

4. Handyman Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for our professional handymen allow us to guarantee you are fully insured while we are carrying out work on your property. All of our handymen are fully qualified to handle safety equipment and perform all handyman tasks. 

In the event of accidents that occur on or to your property during our handyman work, you will be completely covered and we will take full responsibility for the damage. 

5. Environmental Impact of Our Handyman Services

Eco-friendly handyman services focus on minimising the waste produced from our work, recycling and reusing materials to reduce the amount of new materials being manufactured in factories. 

Sustainable handyman services will be able to reduce the carbon emissions produced by our company and help us to preserve our energy and water usage when using our specialist equipment such as our power-washers and electrically-powered tools and access platforms. 

When to Call in Professional Handymen

Professional handymen should be called in for a variety of reasons, not least of which is knowing when a project is too big for you to handle alone. This can be because there are too many tasks that need doing or there’s a bigger task that needs more professional expertise. 

You can also hire professional help for remodelling and renovating your home when you don’t have the right specialist tools for the job or simply if you don’t have enough time to carry out the work yourself. 

Handyman tasks can be quite time consuming so hiring professionals will guarantee that a weight is taken off your shoulders, freeing you up for other things that need doing in your life. 

Some of the signs you should watch out for around the home that may require professional expertise include: 

1. Persistent Leaks

Persistent leaks in the home can lead to a variety of structural issues including mould growth which if left unchecked can spread and damage the integrity of your home. Keeping an eye on leaky faucets and pipes can help to ensure you stay on top of any potential issue and ensures your home is sustainable and preserving water. 

You should also keep an eye on appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. If you see signs of water pooling around the base of the machine, you should call in a professional to assess the damage and replace broken parts. 

2. Cracks Around the Home

Large cracks in walls, doors and wooden floors can indicate severe structural damage and foundational issues which need to be addressed immediately. 

The cracks could be a sign of subsidence which is when the ground beneath a property starts to sink, pulling down the foundations of your home. While minor cracks are easy to plaster over yourself, it’s important to call in a professional if your cracks are larger than 5mm. 

Keep an eye on cracks in your window panes as well. This could be a result of weather damage, outside debris or temperatures fluctuating too dramatically. Compromised windows can affect the structural integrity of your home and waste energy from your heating system.

3. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems in the home may often be more serious than a fuse being blown and could put you at risk of electrical fires that will damage your home and put your family in danger. 

Keep an eye on fixtures such as:

  • Flickering lights
  • Hot outlets
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Buzzing noise in plug sockets
  • Old wires or faulty wiring in sockets

Our professional electricians will respond quickly to protect you from harm and provide solid advice on how to correctly store and look after wires and avoid overloading fixtures to avoid melting and fire hazards. 

4. Pest Infestations

While our professional handymen aren’t pest infestation specialists, it’s always wise to call them in after the pests have been taken care of and removed from your home so that they can fix up any leaks that may have attracted pests and cracks in the home that they may have entered through. 

Our professional handymen will be thorough in their examination of your home and will fix up any cracks, leaks and chewed wiring to get your home back in its optimum condition so you can relax in peace. 

While DIY handyman repairs can provide a quick and easy solution to some of the problems in your home, hiring a professional handyman will make sure the job is done correctly and safely, providing a wider range of services that takes care of your every need. 

You can check out the handyman page on our website for more information about the services we cover. Get in touch with us today to talk about your home’s specific needs and how we can adapt our services to give you the best repair work possible.

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