Keyholder Service

We provide keyholding services for all our clients to give them more layers of protection when it comes to the security of their business and the safety of employees and visitors.

What is a Keyholding Service?

A keyholding service is a specialist security service that involves our cleaning teams holding a secondary key to your offices to provide an extra layer of security and allow us to respond efficiently to any problem that may arise on your premises. 

We will monitor your company for issues ranging from break-ins and activated alarms to disasters such as gas leaks, power cuts and floods. This enables us to put the safety of you, your employees and your confidential information first, allowing your business to thrive. 

We are dedicated to being the front line of your security team, taking responsibility for the well-being of your employees and clients. 

All of our employees are DBS checked to ensure maximum safety for you and your company.

What is a Keyholding Service?

What's Included

We will endeavour to alleviate stress and anxiety, with our keyholding service helping to further prevent potential break-ins, thus keeping your employees safe as well as making sure any important files and documents are kept secure, helping you to be more trustworthy in the eyes of your clients and enhancing your reputation. 

Our cleaners will respond quickly to any emergency that may arise, making it easy for you to get in or out in case of serious risks like gas leaks and water leaks. We will work quickly to mitigate the issue and restore your building’s safety and security to put your mind at ease.

What is a Keyholding Service?

Additional Keyholding Services

Our cleaners and security team hold an additional set of keys to your company which provides benefits beyond responding quickly in case of emergencies. 

Our keyholder services also enable us to provide you with a spare set of keys in case you lose yours, minimising disruptions to your working day. 

We will also use our keyholding services to authorise any other paid contractors into your office to carry out their work and also let in mailmen for deliveries if needed. This allows us to make sure that no unauthorised people are entering your premises. Our security specialists will give a thorough screening process to protect your business from external threats. 

It also means that you will be able to focus solely on the running of your business while we handle any extra admin and deliveries that may occur, giving you peace of mind and allowing your workflow to be smoother and more productive.

Additional Keyholding Services

Benefits of Hiring Our Keyholder Services

Hiring our keyholder services includes several benefits that will help you to address a range of security concerns, leaving you reassured that you are always our number one priority when we take responsibility for the threats to your business. 

These benefits include:

  • Availability – whether we’re responding to an emergency or a triggered alarm or if you call us with a specific problem, we will always have specialists available to help you, resolve your security issue and get your business back on track. 
  • Property Management – we will assist you in property management, using our keyholding services to carry out routine inspections of your property, maintaining surveillance equipment and personally verifying the safety of your business both on location and via alarm monitoring. 
  • Taking Responsibility – by hiring us to be your professional keyholders, we will be able to lift the pressure of liability from your shoulders. That way, if something goes wrong at your property, we will take full responsibility to make your life as easy as possible. 

All of our keyholding services are highly adaptable to your specific needs so that you are always getting the security service you need to improve the safety of your business, employees and clients. 

Benefits of Hiring Our Keyholder Services

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