Healthcare & Medical Cleaning Service

Hospitals and other medical facilities are important to keep clean to protect vulnerable patients from the spread of bacteria and protect your staff from the myriad of infections and illnesses that are brought in by the broad variety of patients.

Why Choose Cresswell’s For Your Medical Cleaning Service?

Our medical cleaning standards keep your patients safe and reduce the risk of cross-contamination during important medical practices. 

We understand that any medical facility comes with a high number of challenges and requirements and our professional cleaners are highly skilled and adept at meeting these challenges, using their experience to keep your medical facility clean and sanitised to prevent the spread of infections. 

We are committed to creating a healthy and sterile environment that supports patient recovery and allows you to carry out your best work.

Why Choose Cresswell’s For Your Medical Cleaning Service?

CQC Cleaning Services

Whether you work in a hospital, dental practice or another field of medical care, our professional cleaners will work tirelessly to keep patient rooms and equipment sterile, cleaning up spillages from chemicals and other liquids and making the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Why Choose Cresswell’s For Your Medical Cleaning Service?

What is Medical Practice Cleaning?

Our cleaners understand how crucial it is to keep medical facilities clean as they are breeding grounds for infections due to the high volume of patients and visitors. We will help to put protective measures in place to maximise the safety of your patients so that they can recover and be visited in a safe environment. 

Medical cleaning includes:

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Disinfection of Patient Rooms
  • Sterilising Surgical Suites
  • Sanitising Waiting Rooms and Receptions

The ultimate goal is to prevent cross-contamination, keeping patients safe during medical procedures and minimising the risk of them being infected by external germs and viruses.

What is Medical Practice Cleaning?

Where Can You Find Our Medical Cleaning Services?

We operate in and around the London area, providing our medical cleaning services to hospitals, dental practices and other healthcare facilities. We prioritise hygiene and patient safety. 

If there’s a cleaning emergency at your medical practice, we will be able to respond quickly and efficiently to solve your problem before it disrupts and affects the work environment. 

Our professional cleaners are well-trained to deal with any issue as it arises, maintaining a consistent standard for cleanliness in London-based medical facilities that will inspire trust and confidence in your ability to look after your patients. 

Where Can You Find Our Medical Cleaning Services?

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